Five Card Story: Pollution & Recycling

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Introduction (Pic 1):
Pollution is something that occurs at least once in people's lives. Whether it's seeing a napkin on the ground or seeing a river disposal bin.

(Pic 2):
It's important that when we see something like cans on the side of the road we pick it up and throw it in a recycling bin as this will encourage other people to clean up after themselves and do the same thing.

(Pic 3):
Even though people should recycle and help clean up, it's important to note that true change can't be done unless influential figures, such as those in Government, take action to prevent this and work to make the world a cleaner place. If no one is doing their part then the world won't be as complete and celery and peanut butter.

(Pic 4):
Then when enough work and clean up has been done to help the Earth, nature will begin to heal itself. Roots will be planted of a cleaner and more sustainable world, rather than one filled with garbage and pollution.

(Pic 5):
The work won't be easy, but when it is done we will be able to look ahead towards sunny days and be thankful that everyone worked for a brighter future.

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