Five Card Story: The Importance of Nature

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Introduction (Pic 1):

Cherry blossoms are a beautiful plant. They are a tree that only blooms once a year, for only two weeks. They look like normal, green leaved trees for most of the year, but for two weeks they are a symbol of nature's majesty.

(Pic 2):

The importance of nature is lost on many people. People are distracted by the beautiful world around them, largely because of how distracting technology has become. It has pervaded every aspect of life. Many people walk around looking down at their smartphones, rather than looking up and around at nature's beauty.

(Pic 3):

Because of this, many people feel sad and angry. Most people in modern society are disillusioned with the world. This societal angst and anger is often seen in politics, which has become increasingly volatile.

Counterargument (Pic 4):

Technology is not all bad, however. Look at the automobile. Cars are a remarkable invention, which have brought joy to a lot of people. There are millions of people who love driving, and working on cars as well. Technology is capable of bringing happiness to people's lives.

Conclusion (Pic 5):

Yet, overall, it's best to limit the role that technology has in our lives. We are human beings, and our creations, while impressive, can never match the creations and the beauty of the natural world. Overexposure to technology and a lack of experience in nature is slowly killing many people. This spring, try and spend less time on your phone, and go out and look at the cherry blossoms. You will feel very close to nature, and a load of stress will be lifted off your shoulders.

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