Five Card Story: Technology Vs. Nature? Should children today spend more time outdoors?

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Intro (Pic 1): Children today spend more of their free time using technology, unlike children of past generations who spent their free time playing outdoors. I believe children of today should get outside more often because it is beneficial for their development.

(Pic 2): It is beneficial for children to spend time outdoors because they can use that time to learn and experience nature, just like a child observing a leaf they found on the ground. Spending time outdoors can prompt questions about how nature works and children need to learn about the planet that they live on. There is nothing more valuable than hands on experience.

(Pic 3): Playing outdoors can also help children meet friends and build social skills. Playing outdoors provides children with social activities, like sports, therefore helping build friendships through teamwork. Growing up, I met my closest friends by simply being outside, and the other neighborhood children would notice and want to join me.

Counterargument (Pic 4): Although I believe children should spend more time outside, some may say that children today are simply following the actions of their parents by spending so much of their time using technology. Adults are constantly on their phones today and children mock behavior. We are stuck in a pattern and it would be hard to stop children from using so much technology now.

Conclusion (Pic 5): Overall, we should still attempt to get our children outside more often. Many adults today can vouch and say that being outdoors until the streetlights came on was a key part of their childhood and we should want our children to have similar experiences.

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