Five Card Story: Through My Eyes

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a Five Card Flickr story by saymon created Sep 24 2021, 12:59:28 am. Create a new one!

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It was a sunny and blissful morning, running around and having my daily zoomies to kickstart my day. Lunch came and people started flooding the place, they also have this weird yet colorful costumes that I enjoy watching. They're doing something familiar to that dancing? "Oh boy! I do love some old fashion body wiggling" I said to myself. There's this feeling that kept bothering me, "How did I know what dancing was?" Keeping it to myself, I tried to ignore it and enjoyed the gathering of people in the park. After my siesta I walked around the plaza, which by the way something I always do. After walking for an amount of time, I found myself in a new city, "Woooooooow what's that tall white building right there?" But if I'm going to be honest? I didn't really feel the place, it was so crowded and full of crying people, well some of them looks proud with their suits and stuff but carry on I guess? Then there was this black building with dying old trees, "jeez that looks scary, that a dog living there? How come they can walk into a building without being kicked at?" I told myself, after a few hours of wandering this new city I found a warm grass just a few roads from that old creepy house. When Panda finally rested his tired paws, there was a destroyed flyer in the post near him saying " Missing dog" and a picture of our character's sweet and playful smile is posted.

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