Five Card Story: Little Joys in Life

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a Five Card Flickr story by Daniel, Aj, Emmar, Matthew. Andrei created Oct 09 2021, 03:16:23 am. Create a new one!

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The front door of the house. For me, the front door of the house has become part of my life because I saw how the difference between of your personality inside the house and in the world of reality. I also saw the difference between fellowship inside the house and in the world of reality wherein it gives an opportunity to know yourself, to develop your personality and to know what you want in your life. The bird, your "self" is like a bird, we used to be free to do whatever we wanted in life when we were young. Birds are symbols of "liberation".
The two kids, I chose the photo of the two children because they all come from childhood. Because before we get to this stage, we first came from childhood without knowledge of what is happening in the world and also without self-awareness. But when we are young, we build ourselves up there. That is where we shape ourselves in how we will act when we grow up. And while we are still young, that is also where the stage that can shape our personality cones from because we can influenced by the people around us. Flowers in the garden, the flower is a decoration in our house which has become a part of my life.
For me, the flowers are represent of peaceful life, freedom, and it gives color in our lives which helps you to develop your personality and also to know yourself. The carnival, I choose this photo because it reminds me of what the word " happiness" is. Carnival is one of the things that gave us fun especially when we were kids. We see a lot of beautiful toys, magicians, balloons and more. Sometimes, we don`t realize that we are leaving the world of reality and we wish that life was just like this, full of fun.

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