Five Card Story: Freedom

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I am not so familiar with Immanuel Kant. Who he is or what his work is all about. But then I start digging about his life and his works. Upon reading, I have learned that he grew up in the province like me maybe that is why his work is all about how we judge one thing, place or a person or even a situation. Kant has a marvelous work entitled: Critique of Judgement. Through this work I relate myself to him. According to my understanding of his writing, we criticize based on two things: Practical Reason and Pure Reason. If we reflect on it, we really based our judgement in practical and pure reasons. Sometimes our judgement is in between what we need and what might come. I have the same perception about criticism like Kant. Sometimes I judge one thing based on practical reasons or what is convenient for me. I exercise my freedom through this. For example, my family now is facing a great financial problem, I don’t look at it as the cause of pandemic or natural reason, I look at it as the cause of lock of financial planning before. Because I think that if ever think about saving money, with pandemic or not we can survive. So that is how I see myself with Kant’s work. Everything has a reason, it maybe natural or based on practical reasoning.

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