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As I grew up, I continuously experience different kinds of events that will help me to obtain learnings about life that will develop my wisdom about everything even they exist or not.
In the Big Five Personality Dimension, I will say that I mostly have Neuroticism, Extraversion and Agreeableness. Neuroticism because sometimes there are instances that I am emotionally unstable especially when I am struggling in certain circumstances. I feel nervous about the action that I am doing. Sometimes when I am thinking a lot, I cannot handle my emotion thus I become moody and feeling uncomfortable.
I like to interact with the other people because of the reason that I love to know and meet different kind of person. When I am with the other presence of the other people, I feel like I am making them happy and I feel like I am gaining friends with everybody. I am also delightful when they are all sharing their thoughts and feelings about certain things. Even though that I love socializing myself with the other people, I still feel shy when they are doing such things things that is too kind for me.
In my life there are things that influence my philosphy about life otherwise self. I know that these things will help me to become deep and open my eyes on the differences that we have in this world.

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