Five Card Story: The personality that influence my philosophy

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There is a lot of problem and hardship we may face in our journey those picture above are related to some of my experience in life the first one is the rocky hill experience to climb a hill before and it was very hard and exagerated but in the end when i reached the top it was good in the feeling when i see the beautiful scenery .It like our life in the first there is alot of hardship in reaching our goal but it was good in the feeling that i achieve this goal.

The second one is the church i always go to church .My parents always say that before anything else we must always praised god first and always do good things and always thank him.I learn to know him and praised him.

The third one is always listen to others and learn from them to become a better person always be humble .

The forth picture show that all the things has a purpose even people.dont choice a person because of it worth
but because of who they are. People can always start a new beginning .All the things that not important to you may become important to others.

The last picture show a teddy bear that may tell us that being unique is not a bad thing dont be afraid to be a different to others .It like when i was in grade 2 i always afraid to participate to all activities because i was new in that school and all of my classmate are know each other.I feel that i am different from them but my adviser said that being unique is not a problem but you may used it to excel and become your strength

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