Five Card Story: The Terror of Being a Child: Why Adults Are Superior

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Being a child is the worst stage in life logistically, by almost all accounts. Once one advances into the realm of adulthood, nearly everything changes for the better.

To begin with, children have no fashion sense (1). The child pictured to the left is wearing an oversized fitted hat with plaid shorts. First of all...plaid shorts? And on top of that, how can you justify an OVERSIZED "FITTED" hat? It just doesn't add up. Most adults would never make that mistake. We as adults are more mature and self aware. A study from Duke university states, "Although it was once thought that the brain is fully mature around birth this hypothesis has been disproven; now there is clear evidence that the brain does not mature fully until about age 24"


Furthermore, I would like to point out this satirical photo taken to depict the reality that most children face of not being able to do anything important (2). You would never see a sign saying "NO ADULTS" because adults run the world, and the photographer obviously knew this and decided to make a meme out of it, and I personally think it's hilarious.

Also, kids only get to win when adults let them(3). Because once again, they are too young and dumb to compete. One study states, "Many older people out-perform young people, at least on some cognitive tasks, and others of the same age do at least as well as the young." (2007, Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.)


On top of that, young kids can't drive, so they have to walk everywhere, which is highly inconvenient and just flat out sucks(4). Adults, however, can have the option of driving unrestricted.

And finally, kids are forced to go to school, whereas adults have the choice of choosing what they want to do education-wise, so we don't have to worry about things like hall passes(5).

In conclusion, being a child is absolutely worthless compared to being an adult, in almost every sense.

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