Five Card Story: Little Cody's Ultimate Reward Day

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Cody is not your typical five-year-old kindergartener. He has always been known for his eccentric personality in his very conservative family, although he never quite feels like an odd ball with all these whimsical ideas roaming around in his little head. Determined to eliminate this unusual oddity in him, his parents makes a deal with him, if there will no longer be any phone calls from his teacher complaining about all the eye-brow-raising answers he shares in the class for whole month, he can have an ultimate reward day. That means he gets to choose to do anything in the whole wide world, and of course, as long as they are deemed appropriate in his parents' eyes. One month has passed, and guess what?! His parents not only didn't get any angry phone calls from the teacher, they even received a positive note praising all of his exemplary behaviors in class.
As previously mentioned, Cody is now rewarded with the freedom to make his list of things to do. First, he makes a request to try jasmine-flavored cookies from that fancy hipster cookie shop owned that most millennials frequent. Next, he makes his dad to play scrabble for 10 rounds nonstop. After these tiring spelling games, he suggests the family go to the pier and seal-watch for the next hour. Exhausted by all these odd requests, his parents start to think whether or not they actually shot themselves in the foot to even make this deal with him in the first place. Out of the blue, Cody tells his parents he would like to go tree-climbing. To no one's surprise, he picks the tallest tree around the pier and gets stuck on a not very sturdy looking branch. Panicked and exhausted, his parents have no other choices but to call the fire department to rescue their little odd-ball son. After a couple hours' of waiting, Cody finally returns back to his poor parents. "My precious boy," his mom whimpers, "please just be yourself from now on even though it means you might look weird to others, but at least you'll stay original this way". Cody nodded quietly and falls fast asleep within his dad's arms till his limbs start dangling like spaghetti noodles on the side, dreaming about sipping a cup of hot tea on the unicorn-back riding in his La La land.

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flickr photo credits: (1) hummingcrow (2) Serenae (3) shareski (4) bionicteaching (5) Serenae

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