Five Card Story: pain to beauty

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When a person is born they have no idea what their life is going to look like. They have no idea the things they're going to have to go through and the challenges that they may need to face. As they grow from a child into an adult, they're going to experience many things that may bring them great joy. They will unfortunately also go through experiences that bring them pain.

Sooner or later, a person is going to feel beaten down by the world. They will have to go through many instances where they feel like life just isn't fair and is against them.

They may even feel like an object that was used, discarded into the dirt, and left for nothing.

But throughout all of these unpleasant experiences, many people need to find the courage to take the lessons that life has taught them and use them as motivation, as a way to better themselves, and as a way to keep pushing. Much like a brave warrior out on the battlefield, they may be wounded but they get right back in the saddle and make sure they do everything they can to avoid that from happening again, all while building a harder exterior to protect themselves.

Once someone overcomes the worst parts that life has to offer, they heal, and most of the time hold themselves to a higher standard of what they're actually capable of. Once they achieve this type of enlightenment, which unfortunately may only stem from pain, others begin to view them how they were never able to view themselves before, a beautiful, yet protected soul. Much like a rainbow, in order to shine, you must go through the turbulence of the storm beforehand.

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