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People should clean up their neighborhoods and not litter because this destroys the ecosystem/environment.

pic 1. Towns and cities should have a month of community clean up day where everyone helps clean up

pic 2. Nature gives us an amazing view of life living with or exploring nature has many benefits.

pic 3. A clean environment is a everyone wants to live in and it feels good to live in a clean environment some may be they may even feel safer.

pic 4. Nature is incredible and everyone should want to take care of it.

pic 5. If we do not take care of nature it will slowly fall apart.

counterarugement: In other aspects, some may argue that nature is fine and what is happening is just meant to be. Though crimes like littering is terrible for the planet, there has been trash and pollution for decades and it will only get worse in the future.

conclusion: To summarize nature has long provided for humans from surviving nature disasters, industrializing, food, tools and many more. Yet we still destroy nature by pollution and trash. We must care and save nature by cleaning up our trash in our neighborhoods and having stronger pollution laws. For the future generations.

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