Five Card Story: The Cow

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a Five Card Flickr story by Katie, Carmin, Kelton, Iker created Feb 17 2022, 02:59:53 pm. Create a new one!

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One morning, a girl was getting ready for school. When she came outside, there were people with cameras around her house taking pictures of her. She panicked and turned to go back inside her house, but she realized that she had locked the key inside. As the people with cameras began getting closer to her, she decided to start running. Eventually, she made it to an old, eery building. The girl was investigating the building when she found an old-looking bike. She climbed onto the bike and attempted to start it. However, she could not find the key and got frustrated. The girl kicked the bike, and it unexpectedly turned on. She looked behind her and saw the camera-people chasing after her. The girl struggled to control the bike as she sped away until she made it to a secluded farm area. She tried to stop the bike, but couldn't, which ended up with her crashing into a cow and injuring it. The girl shrieked as blood splattered all across her and the bike. She leaped off of the bike and ran towards the cow. Suddenly, the cow began to stand up on its hind legs, carrying a large, sharp machete.
"EAT MOR CHIKIN," the cow roared, as he began slicing the girl.

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