Five Card Story: Mr. Pizza Guy

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Doesn't life suck ? Don't you look at your list of assignments and say, wow I suck, life sucks. Shouldn't we be grateful ? It's hard to be when your suffering right ?
But what if you were a pizza delivery ? Someone who brings food to you while your sitting there, lazily. It's their job to make good pizza and send it to you. As he's driving going around the city to deliver your pizza, traffic began and now it's taking long. He slowly progresses and you complain "When will the pizza come ?!", he simply replies with "I'm sorry ma'am/sir there was traffic" He's numb to it. He's heard it too much. He's stressing out, "How can I pay my rent with just my earnings from this pizza job ?" It's hard for him but you wouldn't know that at all. He delivers the pizza and goes back to the pizza shop. As he puts the helmet down, he hears his boss saying "Yeah, we have to close this junction now." And so he did, now he doesn't have a job. "What do you mean close the junction? What happened?" He knew he couldn't do anything to save it.
He walks, slowly and by looking at his posture, you could tell he was sad. He looks around, seeing people with luxurious things, cars, designer bags, and other things. He sees mansions and luxury hotels, this did not help his situation. As he walked to his apartment he carefully dropped his things and lay down. He has nobody to comfort him, or anybody to talk too. He longed for a decent life. What about you? You have many many things to thank for, you have a family, you have at least one person to be with.

--this is fictional, no i didn't think of anyone who was pizza guy be grateful ty

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flickr photo credits: (1) krutscjo (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) Serenae

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