Five Card Story: So I was reincarnated as a toy Dinosaur. But have the ability to move.

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My name is Sugomeshi Tendo. As you can see I am reincarnated as a toy dinosaur. I used to be Japanese/human like you. But I got hit by a truck and suddenly I was reincarnated like this. So the ones you can see beside me are actually my friends. Yes, they aren't like normal leaves, plants, and trees tree they are actually people. Who got reincarnated just like me. We actually live in a forest in a nearby cabin owned by a woman. So this one is actually Takeshi Sendo [leaf] he used to be some kind of professional boxer but died due to some injuries. He tells me that there is this awesome boxer called Ippo Makunouchi. His stories are very entertaining and awesome. That guy over there is actually my classmate/childhood friend Chika Fujiwara-san [plant]. We actually died together hit by a truck. Then somehow we ended up in this world where she is a plant and I'm a toy Dinosaur ;-;. But we got used to it at some points and we did our best in this life even if we aren't human anymore. Oh yeah and I forgot that tree over there is actually Zushi-san [tree] he is a very old person who got reincarnated 70 years before us. So we always respect him. We also think of him as kind of our grandparents since we didn't have that much family in this world. He always teaches us life lessons. We actually love him a lot even if he isn't our family by blood. But honestly, do we even have blood eh. Every time in the afternoon the woman comes by and waters my friend. One day when she watered my friend then some kind of sphere-shaped water got formed. But then it started talking and moving. But wait before we actually get into that topic. I guess I haven't actually explained how a toy car like me ended up in that house. It started 17 years ago when I and Fujiwara-san just got reincarnated. The Woman didn't actually live in the forest, in the beginning, she actually had a son. But he has passed away he was actually born with a rare disease that disables him from breathing properly. When she took her son to the hospital she returned without him that was the first indication that the boy is no longer with us. As you can see I was actually the toy Dinosaur of her son and Fujiwara-san was actually one of her plants. He was actually a good boy he follows her mother's orders sleeps on time and never disrespects her. But when he passed away she moved homes and isolated herself from reality or other people to this day she still hasn't moved on and pretends as if he is still alive. We never interfere with her problem not only because we can't but also because we think it's good for her to move on without our help in the future at some point. Also, it turns out the water she uses to water the plants isn't any ordinary water. But it seems like she got it from some kind of mythical lake. To be continued...

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) Serenae (3) bionicteaching (4) lesliemb (5) Serenae

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