Five Card Story: Nostalgia

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a Five Card Flickr story by Kia! created Apr 25 2022, 12:10:50 am. Create a new one!

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Lia felt the gentle yet cold breeze as she walked out of the taxi cab. She noticed that a frog climbed up to her hand and she smiled and carefully putting it down. She toured around the town and saw Mrs. Park's garden, it was still the same as ever. She remembered the path she used to take and she spotted her old apartment. Memories filled her head as she stared at the door with a heart wreath which she made 5 years ago. She teared up and smiled and continued walking ahead. She finally reached her final destination, her school. Where everything began. She wondered how the school was still available despite its walls getting rustier and molds were visible even from afar. Until she saw a renovation announcement on the front door. She went inside and felt warm presence as she walked down the hallway. She stared from left to right, when she bumped into a person. She picked up the papers and pens that fell into the floor and gave it to the person. Until she saw her face. It was her favorite teacher, Ms. Choi. She screamed with delight and hugged her and Ms. Choi did the same. Soon, the two walked around the hallway and saw two chairs and sat down. They caught up with each other's stories, and soon they had to say their goodbyes as Ms. Choi still had a conference later and Lia soon got out of the school. She saw the bench she always sat down and she smiled gladly because she saw her favorite flowers blooming with grace. The Chinese Wisteria. She closed her eyes as the fragrance of the flowers and the cold breeze made her felt Nostalgia. She was happy that she got the chance to visit her old town, where everything began. She looked back before from now, and she can see how much she has reached. Lia was now a successful businesswoman in the country, who owned a big fashion company.

Moral of the story: Never give up and follow your dreams!!

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