Five Card Story: The Child and the Dog.

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The bell rung, the children were running out of the building waiting to get picked up. A few hours passed, as there was 1 child left, the child's name was Amry. After awhile, it was
5pm and Amry wasn't picked up yet, then a dog came up to Amry, looking for protection. Amry was bored so she decided to play with the dog. While enjoying the time with the dog, a man started looking towards Amry, far away. He started walking up to her but as he did, Amry saw him. Amry thought the man looked familiar, but thats when Amry looked at a poster: WANTED CHALRES FRAT: REASON, KIDNAPPING. Amry was scared when she realized that the man was the man in the poster. She started running in fear as the man chased her. on the road a man saw the chase, and decided to help, Amry reached a dead end, and the man was coming closer. As he came closer, the dog bit the man and pulled him away. Amry fled away looking for people to help. The dog was killed after the kidnapper hit it. The man watching came with a police man. together they arrested the man and called Amry's parents. The parents felt guilty because they had a fight with eachother and forgot to pick up Amry. So they settled it and made a promise, to support Amry with their lives.And in the end, Amry got home safe... Because of the dog.

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