Five Card Story: Light at the End of the Tunnel

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a Five Card Flickr story by Rachelle Blackwell created Jun 02 2022, 05:15:55 pm. Create a new one!

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The hallway seemed long, dreary and actually a little scary. It was raining, Rachelle decided to dip off the beaten path only to find herself at one end of a very dark and mysterious this dark hallway. Due to the rain and fog, she could not see what was at the other end of the hall. Curious, she closed her umbrella and skipped over puddles of water to the other end. As she approached the end of the hallway, she could make out a doorway with a bright light peeking through the door sill. Rachelle drew in a huge breath and pulled mightly on the door; as the old door slowly creaked open, to her surprise, it was a classroom filled with students sitting in bright yellow chairs. The students yelled in unison, "Welcome, we have been awaiting your arrival." Obviously in shock, Rachelle shuffled around the classroom to find the first empty seat, and unbelievably the open laptop had her name on it. After class ended, Rachelle hurried to her car only to find it would not start. She opened the hood to find a busted battery. Not to be deterred, she called an Uber to take her the 2-hour long ride to her apartment. She was so excited about the class that she stumbled upon she did not want to waste another minute sitting around idly. She had to get back to Richmond! Rachelle packed all of her things, called a moving truck, and got back to Richmond as fast as possible. She was now a doctoral student.

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