Five Card Story: The Real Spiderman

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a Five Card Flickr story by Randall White created Jun 03 2022, 05:41:15 pm. Create a new one!

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You probably won't believe my story—most don’t. And then they end up right here with me.

I used to be just like you. I lived in a beautiful studio apartment in the upper east side of New York City. I had a girlfriend, a great job, and best of all, a well-fated future. Then the moment that changed my life forever came.

When I first felt it crawling on my arm, I thought it was just an ordinary spider. I didn't want to kill it, so I attempted to softly brush it off my arm. But my conscience betrayed me. The spider sunk its sharp fangs right into my flesh.

After the bite, I didn't think much about it. The mark was red and swollen but that wasn't unusual after a spider bite. Then, as day turned to night a change began to overwhelm my body. First, it felt like sharp, tiny legs were needling through my skin from the inside out. While this was happening, I caught a glance of my reflection in a blank TV screen on the wall. Eight round eyes, black as night, stared back at me. I threw the TV out the window in disgust as the last of the transformation consumed me. When it was done, I had become a fully formed arachnid--a spider with a blue head and hairy, golden legs no bigger than a quarter. I crawled into the streets looking for help, hoping I was in a nightmare and would soon awaken. But I never did wake.

It was eight years ago that that damned spider bit me. My only hope now is that you'll learn from my story. If you feel a spider crawling on you and it has a bluish head and hairy, golden colored legs, don't hesitate. Kill it! Don't let your conscience curse you. I've traded life in my old apartment in the upper east side for a web in the corner of an old, abandoned garage door. Instead of with my girlfriend, I spend the days asleep waiting for the night to come when I can finally feed. That is my fate now— to feed.

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