Five Card Story: Hangout.

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There it was, a Casual day, At home. Mia looked outside and suddenly it stopped pouring. "Finally it stopped raining!" She would smile. Before she got her phone, it rang. She pick it up and see it was one of her friends, Lucas.

"Hey Lucas!" she answered. "Hey! Uh, wanna hangout? It stopped pouring as you can see!" Lucas said. "Yeah I just noticed. I'll meet you at the local park we always go too, yeah? Also bring your bikes!" "Alright bye!" He hung up.

They would meet up and Mia noticed that, Kat came along. "You never told me she was coming?".

"Well she's our friend too sorry I didn't tell you, I wanted it to be a surprise she actually wanted to show us a place!" Lucas patted Kat's shoulder. "Well, alright." Mia shrugged it off.

"Follow me, I know a place." - Kat.

Lucas and Mia would follow Kat's bike. They would end up finding a place with a fence that says "Restricted Area".

"Cool, Right?! An Abandon school!"

Lucas and Mia looked at each other with a worried face then looked back at Kat. "Are you sure this is safe, Kat?" Lucas spoke up.

"Duh, it's abandoned are you guys actually scared?" Kat then laughed.

Mia sighed. "Fine we will go in, but you go first."

Lucas looked shocked. "Are you crazy!? Who knows if we will die in there!?"

"I mean, she's right, it's just an abandoned school, what could possibly happen?"

They'd finally all agree and climbed over the fence. They made it in.

Then they would make it inside the school, and looked around everywhere.

"Ooo! What's in this room?" Kat went to open the door.

Kat got snatched by a black hand. Lucas and Mia screamed. "KAT!!" Lucas called out and rushed to get her. But by then, Lucas got snatched too. Mia ran away for her life and called the police.

They'd arrive an hour later and found Kat and Lucas's dead bodies apprehended. Mia would be sacred for her life, and told herself to never go to abandon places.


By Patricia. :))

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