Five Card Story: A Good Neighbor

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a Five Card Flickr story by Christiana Pasaylo created Oct 24 2022, 06:13:48 am. Create a new one!

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As a College student, which is the prior reason why you moved in another place is to study and for you to be able to be one of the Independent person who are capable of everything new in your journey without the presence of your family. Whether in a bad or a good days that you have been encountered.Tiana is one of the college students who are used to have her family by her side before but in this season of her life she is just by herself.One day she is struggling by doing all the chores she have never done in her life before so she was amazed at first and at the same time anxious. One day she was walking down going to the small reastuarant or we call it "karenderya" in the Philippines where simple and delicious dishes and a cheap cost for you to be able to save your allowance, She usually see this guy who is muddy spotted at the front of the karenderya just sleeping without any blanket in a rainy and sunny day and only just wearing rip clothes and ofcourse she is scared at first because of his physical things but as the day passed by. Tiana is a soft hearted person and her eyes becomes teary and what she do after she's done eating her breakfast , she bought another rice and side dish for that guy because she can see it that that guy is starving. After that she gave the food to the guy and the guy is very happy as he rapidly put the food in his mouth. Tiana is very happy too and realizes one thing in life that small acts or things you do to other will make their day better. Not only to the rich people but people who are less fortunate and needed your support and starting that day she is way more grateful for her stable life and one of her goal is to help people or even stranger whenever they need you.:)

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