Five Card Story: The lost kid

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a Five Card Flickr story by Jordan Jazzten Delicana Jether created Oct 24 2022, 07:41:29 am. Create a new one!

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My home is located in Phase 3 Purok Lubi Barangay Handumanan. I live in a magnificent colored green mansion, with a small garden at the entrance to my home. One day there was a man who knocked at my door early in the morning. I dont know what he wants or what is the purpose of him knocking at the door. The stranger told me that my son is lost, so I checked my son immediately and he is nowhere to found so I panicked. I called my friends to help me find my son. we looked all over the place but could not find my son. we also called some of the neighbours’ to help find him. It was near sunset, but all their search was in vein. They straight away went to the police station to register a ‘lost child’ complaint. So the police investigate and the suspect is the stranger who knocked at my door, how he will know that my son is gone if he is not living in my house and i dont even know him. The police tracked down the stranger, and when the police called me that they found my son im very happy and also shocked when they told me that the brain of this kidnapping thing is Jether Delicana, my old friend from highschool so I asked him why he did that to me and he simply replies that he is high on drugs and he just want to prank me but i didnt belive it. Till now i remember the things he did to me when im walking home alone and I just cant belive it because we are very good friends back then so everyday I try to be a good father to my son so it won't happen again.

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