Five Card Story: A fun-filled trip

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It was late April. Me and a part of my class, known as group 2, were on a school trip with our beloved English teacher, I don't remember exactly where, just that we got lost.
When the professor agreed with us, that we were lost, she told us to open our minds and come up with a solution to this problem.
It took us a while and Kacper spoke up:
- Let's find a house! Let's explain what happened and ask for help! - I won't say it was a better idea than calling my parents, we all agreed with the idea.
A few kilometers further we found a house, Aneta knocked and asked for help. The old man said that the capital is not far away and that they can help us there.
There, that capital turned out to be London! We approached Big Ben, a Polish seller was standing in front of it, I asked him if he knew the way to the airport, he replied that of course and that he would be happy to help, but in the evening because he was closing the stand.
He drove us to the airport in his mini truck, we thanked him and went on our return flight.
I would never forget this trip.

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