Five Card Story: The Sky Is The Limit

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image 1 Introduction
In this life, giving up is not an option, Wayne Gretzky famously said "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

image 2 counterargument
Giving up is easy, it takes much less effort to give up on something than to follow it through to the end. Some people say that working too hard runs you right into an early grave due to all the stress one can take on but if everyone constantly gave up when the going got tough, the world would not look the way it currently does.

image 3
Ultimately, giving up benefits no one, not even yourself. In fact, giving up is the biggest injustice you can do to yourself because it betrays the idea the we possessed as children that we could do anything.

image 4
One of the most important reasons to not give up on commitments we make is that giving up closes many more doors than it opens. This is important because it is a reminder that giving up squanders the potential each person has.

image 5 conclusion
The sky is the limit, and though there are many factors that make giving up the easier option, following through on goals and commitments benefits us way more because it allows us to be proud of ourselves.

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