Five Card Story: A trip to town

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A group of friends find themselves in the middle of nowhere. Their car is about to run out of gas, and as they desperately try to find a town, they see a gas station nearby. They make a stop at the gas station, and refill their car. The group is shocked to hear it will take about 6 hours for the car to refill. The group is getting hungry, and the gas station doesn't seem to have any food.
pic 2
As the group talk about how they will find any food, they hear munching behind them. As they look back, they see a bunch of lamas eating what seemed to be a sandwich. The group asks them where they got food from. The lamas tell them that a town nearby was giving of free samples. The lamas show them the road, and lead the group to the town.
pic 3
The group finally make it to the town, thanks to the lamas. They say their goodbyes to the lamas, and make way for the town. As the group walks around, they see a restaurant called "Eat N' Giggles" with two laughing masks outside. They decide this is where they will eat.
pic 4
They enter the restaurant, and see the place is full of people. The group is seated down by a waitress, and takes their order. As the waitress leaves, they see a man standing in a stage. The group realize that the restaurant is also a comedy place. The man in the stage starts telling jokes. Everyone laughs, but they seem familiar. He says something about lamas eating free sandwiches, and a group of friends trying to find food. Suddenly, we realize that he is talking about us. He said that after the friends got to town, the lamas stole their car, robbed a bank, and left it on the park. Terrified, the group leaves to see if this information is true.
pic 5
As the group make their way to the park, they see their car, with a wheel clamp on it. They find a letter inside, thanking the group for the free ride, and that their share is in the trunk. They open the trunk and see $11,000,000 in a bag. The group rent a place to stay, and decide to never talk about what happened.

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