Five Card Story: Story of the dead

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This takes place at a graveyard or cemetery where the diseased can final sleep in peace. Some believe that when people die they might go to either heaven or hell depending on their actions, but sometimes that is not the case. Some people believe when people die they might be born again into someone or something else. Others believe that if they do something whether it be holy or unholy they can speak to the dead. There is also a belief that spirits can control non-living things but that remains to be a mystery.

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Some people believe in reincarnation, which is a believe that when people die, they are born again as animals. An example of this is like how you have a dog that never leaves your side no matter what, That could be a sign that someone you once knew is watching you are it could be him but reincarnated. It is also a sign of lost souls going into the territory of a specific kind of animal because some of them are seen as gods.

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Some people worship the dead in many different ways, sometimes in a weird way. Weirdos like to use human skulls to do some kind of ritual that they think will work. Others use them for crazy reasons because they are delusional. They believe that these rituals will let them speak to the dead. If people think like that they are either seeing things or they are paranoid.

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Another weird believe is that people believe that spirits of the dead can possess non-living objects. Some believe that they can possess dolls, marionettes, or even a vase. People will either see it as a sign of someone there or as a curse of punishment brought upon them.

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