Five Card Story: A Traveler's Act of Kindness

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a Five Card Flickr story by Porras, Ramirez, Rivas, Selauso & Thadani created May 02 2023, 12:52:25 pm. Create a new one!

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One day, Reyna, a travel vlogger came across a store in intramuros in Luzon. She then remembered to buy souvenirs for her family back home in Visayas. After she bought all she needed, she continued her journey to a cathedral near the shop and attended an ongoing mass while recording and taking pictures for her vlog. The mass had ended with a lot of attendees crowding the place. On her way out she bumped into a child, not older than 10 years old, crying and asking for help. She pulled the kid aside and asked, "Why are you crying?" The kid then answered while crying, "Where is Mama? I can't find her." Reyna then replied flustered, "Why? What happened?"
"I got separated from my Mom." the kid answered. "How come?"
"Because I'm finding my dog, he ran away from me earlier. While looking for Ryan, I was squeezed by people and I can't find my Mama." The kid cried harder feeling helpless without her Mom. Reyna comforted the child by saying, "I'll help you find your mother." The kid looked hesitant and asked Reyna, "Can I trust you?"
10 minutes later, Reyna had convinced Pretcel, the kid, to go together and look for her Mom. They searched the whole vicinity of the cathedral and the surrounding place, but still no sign of the Mother.
They reached a monument and rested under there for a few minutes before they heard a bark at a distance. They followed the sound, "Ryan!" the kid shouted and ran towards the sound. Reyna panicked and followed Pretcel, only to find her holding a cute small dog. Reyna sighed while holding her chest to calm her beating heart.
"Is that your dog, Pretcel?" she asked the kid. "Yes, lady. His name is Ryan." The kid cheerfully replied. Reyna was relieved that Pretcel had found her dog, which distracted her from the stress and fear of being separated from her mother.
A few hours had passed and both of them had been resting on a nearby river. They were sitting on big rocks relaxing before they search for Pretcel's mother again. They already asked for the help of the authorities and stayed with each other incase they come across the kid's mother.
Three rocks away from them, they heard a lady crying while holding a phone in her hand. "I got separated from my child!" The lady shouted. "Pretcel, my baby!" She cried continuesly. This caught Reyna's attention and inched closer to the lady with Pretcel in tow.
She asked, "Uhm, excuse me miss?" The lady then turned her head towards Reyna and she caught the attention of the child next to the lady who interupted her. The lady gasped and shouted, "Pretcel!" Then the kid also shouted, "Mama!"

The End.

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