Five Card Story: The Glorious Nightmare

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The sun is beginning to set in the small town of Hell, Michigan. It is late September, and there is a distinct chill in the air and the leaves are beginning to change. Kyle is walking home from the town's fall carnival, where he spent the day with friends hanging out, riding rides, and eating every type of fried food there was to try. As he is walking home, Kyle starts to feel a little off, but he thinks to himself that it is just because he is tired from all of the festivities and greasy carnival food he ate. Kyle went to bed that night thinking about what a great time he had at the carnival with his friends.

Kyle wakes up the next morning, ready to start the day, and goes into the kitchen to pour himself a bowl of cereal. As he bites into his first bite of Cheerios, a feeling of nausea washes over him and the Cheerios taste like dirt. He spits them out, dumps the bowl in the trash, and begins to search the kitchen for something else to eat. Everything he sees gives him the same sick feeling. He then decides he should go out for breakfast. He slips on his shoes and heads out the door.

As Kyle is walking into town he passes Steve, another resident of Hell. As Kyle and Setve pass, hunger takes control of Kyle and he lunges at Steve. Before Kyle can even think to stop himself, he is ripping apart Steve and eating him for breakfast. Once Kyle is full, he comes out of his trance and realizes what he has done, his face and clothes are covered in blood and he is horrified by what he has done. He rushes home and calls his best friend to talk to him about what has just happened, in coded language so as to not completely confess what he has just done. David, Kyle's best friend, realizes what Kyle is trying to tell him, and he tells Kyle he is experiencing the same thing. They call the friends they were with at the carnival and realize they all are experiencing the same thing.

Soon, the news begins to get out that there has been an outbreak of zombies in Hell, Michigan, and news organizations descend upon the town. Holly Hines, a news reporter for NBC's Nightly News, is sent to Hell to report on the abnormal event. As she is driving into town, she sees "THIS LIFE IS A GLORIOUS NIGHTMARE" spray painted on a fence. She looks over at her camera woman, and the two exchange a look that says, "I don't know about this..."

Holly is a professional, though, and she knows the job is to report on the virus outbreak, which seems to have originated at the town's fall carnival. Holly is standing on Main Street in Hell, along with reporters from other local and national organizations. As Holly is about to begin a live report, Kyle and his friends begin to attack the reporters. A teenager peeks out of the treehouse above the scene and records a video so the world can see the horrors of the Zombie Virus that has taken hold of the small town of Hell.

The camera is still rolling, and the world sees the horror of the zombie virus outbreak, something that was only fiction until this point, and they are seeing how fast the virus spreads. People begin to take over cruise ships and build structures with the ability to modify entry access, such as tree houses. The thinking was zombies cannot swim, they cannot climb, etc.

These tactics work for a while, but as the zombies evolve they are able to swim and climb. People are no longer safe in these makeshift structures, on boats, or even on cruise ships, as they have to dock at some point. Soon the world is all infected. However, with the evolution of the zombies, as there become more and more of them, and fewer humans to pray upon, their taste for human flesh subsides, and animals satisfy their hunger, and are immune to the zombie virus and do not become zombie animals. Life goes on for zombies, and they are able to gather just as they would have as humans.

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