Five Card Story: Salvation Story

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The last of those he used to know were gone, and he was too young to know how to keep the farm safe. To keep himself safe. The fence was now broken, and there was no other option. He had to leave and venture into the unknown. But the world outside the farm was as just as desolate. Where was he to go? Where would he be safe? Surely there were others who had survived. Days of wandering left him hungry, tired, and scared. Then, he saw something rustling around beneath some brush. A frog! Maybe if he caught it, he could finally eat. Maybe. He didn't know how to make a fire. But the frog was fast. As he chased it, he thought many times he would have to give up. Yet every time he stopped to rest, the frog would stop too. Was it waiting for him? It seemed they played this game of chase for miles. For days. The boy stopped to rest again, and looked up. Houses. Water. People! The boy ran towards the town and looked around for the frog, but he was gone. He realized they had both been saved.

Inspired by Cormac McCarthy's passing and one of my favorite novels, The Road.

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