Five Card Story: The old Man's Last Walk

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a Five Card Flickr story by Matthew Seidita aka King of Carytown created Jun 17 2023, 12:54:20 am. Create a new one!

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There I was... old. I can feel the presence of death walking closely behind me. He stands behind me. As he reaches to touch me and bring it to an end, I ask him to give me a moment for one last walk. Death nods. I tell him I am taking him on tour with me, my swan song of the most important places during the most critical parts of my life. "That window there, you see it?" "That was my apartment where me and my friends would all gather, boy was it a good time." We walk by a closed-down Arby's that once was the spot to get your weed. "We are almost there, it's right past the Arby's". The rundown bar which hasn't seen the youth parade its halls in quite some time. Some lonely bar flies hung out there now. "this bar used to be the place to be, I met my wife've met her haven't you?" Death nods. The old man walks into his house one more time and says to death, "I'm gonna play one more song, it's for my wife so she knows I'm coming". As he plays, death splits a tear, and says, "it's time to see her, she's waiting".

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