Five Card Story: My Dog Murphy

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One spring break driving back from visiting my grandmother during spring break, I happened upon a sign in Harmon, West Virginia advertising labs for sale. On impulse, I pulled over and bought my first black lab. I named him Murphy and we were inseparable.

One of his favorite activities to do was to take walks, go to the dog park, and sometimes run. However, his favorite place go were wide open fields that he could run off leash and smell the flowers.

Murphy would often get mad when I left the house and no item was safe from his chewing. He chewed up toilet paper, picture frames, anything that he could find. However, his favorite items to chew were tiny plastic figurines that I collected throughout the years. I think he knew they were my favorite, and I think he knew the toilet paper made the biggest mess. So, depending on how mad he was it me, he determined the victim!

His favorite activity was playing fetch. I would take him to the dog park, and he would play for hours. Being a retriever, it was built into his DNA. No matter how long we would play together he would never tire of chasing the ball.

Unfortunately, he passed too soon at the young age of 3 and left me to walk alone. His absence in my life is like a desolate street full of wonderful memories that I sometimes walk through and remember the companionship and love that only a dog give.

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