Five Card Story: Visions of Cuba

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a Five Card Flickr story by Cecily Gardner created Jun 20 2023, 11:11:48 pm. Create a new one!

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It was in an old car much like this, though not this color or model, that I began to fall in love with Cuba. The trip from the airport to Havana was filled with both beautfil expanses of greenery and crumbling city buildings, dwellings for the urbanites. I loved those old buildings immediately, because they had stories in their dust. We settled in a much nicer building, with all the amenities except wifi. Amenities are much different in Havana. Our first excursion took us into the mountains of Vinales, where we walked along a path to see with our own eyes the beauty and detail of hand-rolling cigars. We sampled their rum and honey in those mountains and returned to our home away from home, with the remnants of rum and a good meal lifting our spirits even higher than lush green peaks we had left behind. I was able to enjoy the blue of the night sky, the low-hanging moon, before being swept away by salsa and the rhythms that are Havana. A beautiful night, a beautiful people, a beautiful country.

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