Five Card Story: Amazing stay in Madeira

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Hi Marzenka. I spent great time in Madeira. It's amazing place. As you know I went there with Sebastian, my sister and Hubert (my sister's husband). We stayed in nice apartment in Funchal. There was amazing view on The Atlantic Ocean. Madeira is beautiful islands. The nature is amazing. I've neveer seen so colorfull flowers and other plants. We spend time actively. We were choosing amazing paths in a forest or near Ocean and explored Madeira. People call Madiera as everspring island and that's true. There isn't a lot of trees but you can see small plants everywhere. Some are green and the other are colorful.
On Madiera there are a few small wooden or even glass bridge. In my opinion Madeira has incredible view, even the sky is bluer than in other places. Can you imagine that Ronaldo has his own museum? We were there because Sebastian and Hubert wanted to visited this places. For me it was waste of time. You must visited Madeira but without museum of Ronaldo. Best wishes. Magda

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