Five Card Story: They are watching.

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It was July 7th,1967. Northern Oregon. It was dark out and there was fog everywhere. My mom let me have a sleepover with my bestfriend. We had nothing to do; so we came up with an idea. My bestfriend lives next to an abandoned town. We came to an agreement that we where going to explore.

I wish we stayed inside. We start walking to get to the town we need to leave our town cross the tracks and walk 25 mins down a dark scary road. Then we will be at the town. While we are walking down the dark road we hear people. "who is here I thought it was abandoned". I had a rasp in my voice... Was I scared? She looked over at me and said its just the animals. So we kept walking.

After that 25 min walk we finally made it to the abandoned town. We decided that we were going to walk around to see what we can record about this town. As we are walking around we see a camera. Its been recording us? We walked around a little more and the camera started to follow us.

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