Five Card Story: We found a cat

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a Five Card Flickr story by Emilia2lg created Nov 12 2023, 06:38:48 pm. Create a new one!

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About a month ago me and my friend Iga noticed that we spend more time chatting on the internet or talking at school than going out together. We thought that spending too much time on the internet is unhealthy and decided to go on a trip. I asked my parents if they could go with us and they agreed quickly. We planned our trip together, booked rooms in a guest house and started the journey!
We went to a lake that's quite near my friend's city. On the first day my parents decided to look around the town, but me and my friend stayed near the guest house and watched the lake and nature. We saw many frogs, insects and spiders. I thought some of them look funny and interesting, but Iga didn't really like them. We went back to the guest house and told my parents about the beautiful lake. On the second day we decided look around the town more with my parents. We had a walk near a beautiful forest and the lake before we got to the center of the town. While we were looking for a place to eat lunch I saw a small kitty lying alone in the rubbish. I told my friend about it and she suggested that we should ask my parents if I could take him home, because he looked dirty and didn't have a collar on. My parents said that we could only if the cat really doesn't have an owner. We asked a few people in the town about it and they all said that it's a stray cat. They also said that not many people like the stray there, because it walks to their houses by windows and steals sausages. My parents felt bad for the kitty and decided to take it home with us. Now the kitten lives with me, my family and our other cat.

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