Five Card Story: Nature: Beauty or Terror?

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Introduction (pic 1):
No matter where we are in the world we can find the beauty in something. Wether it is a painting hanging in a museum or the view of the mountains from our childhood home.

(pic 2):
Beauty could be the model from our favorite clothing brand. It could even be the yellow flower reminding us of someone special.

(pic 3):
We may even find beauty in the roadtrip that was supposed to be in the city, and ended up in the desert. Nature has a way of presenting itself in such an amazing perspective.

Counterargument (pic 4):
For the most part we tend to think of nature as something beautiful and peaceful. However, that is not always the case. It could be a hike in the woods met with a grizzly bear midway or a swim in the ocean which results in a shark attack that changes everything. Say for example a group of friends visit an old war zone because the scenery is meant to be marvelous. As they travel through the area they get to a caution sign to make them aware of the danger ahead. All it took was that one bad experience to make them decide to never adventure to historic places again. But by doing this they could be missing out on such wonderful sightings.

Conclusion (pic 5):
Even in childhood we are taught the beauty of the world. We shouldn't change that love of walking the boardwalk on a nice sunny day because of the possibility of danger.

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