Five Card Story: Nature doesn't always have to be BAD

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a Five Card Flickr story by Oriany Sanchez created Mar 20 2024, 10:23:01 pm. Create a new one!

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Even though nature may not sound as safe as it looks, you shouldn't fear the outdoors when you can always adventure new places.
Nature isn't always about what you should be scared of, but more of all the beautiful views you can have while adventuring. Outdoors shouldn't be a scary place when there are endless activities that can be done. Many memories can be made with family and friends.
The fair is one of the most memorable place to take your kids to. Not only are you exposing them to new things they can get used to different environment that they've never been around of.
While outdoors can be a scary place for some the fear of harm, animals, diseases can stop some parents from letting their children be more active outdoor. Which everyone has their own perspective on what they let their child do other than hand them a technology to keep them busy. Mean while being able to let your kids be free outdoors should be something everyone should let their kids do so they can get expose to new things. Their might be more danger to them staying in doors than exposing them to the nature that can give them a better health.
As a parent I allow my child to be more active outdoors. Being outdoors can introduce them to a different environment than being stuck on the phone or tv. Even though it might be something easy to do to keep them busy, I rather let them learn more about the different activities they can create themselves with their creative mind. The outdoors can be scary, but life long memories of playing outside can last forever.

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