Five Card Story: Nature doesn't always have to be BAD part 2

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Pic#1 Outdoors activities may sound pretty good when it comes to some parents. The reality is there may be some creatures that want to hurt us that aren’t visible. Even though nature looks really relaxing, peaceful there is always danger in some parents of creatures you have no control of when they come close to your kids. The danger of bees, poisonous insects or even plants.
Pic#2 Nature isn't always about what you should be scared of, but more of all the beautiful views you can have while adventuring while camping or hiking in the mountains. Outdoors shouldn't be a scary place when there are endless activities that can be done. Many memories can be made with family and friends like walks in the park, fun carnivals.
Pic#3 The fair is one of the most memorable places to take your kids to when you want to expose them to a different environment. Not only are you exposing them to new things like acrobats, performing animals, while also giving them confidence in trying new tricks as long as they are always careful. Giving them the knowledge of patients and persistence.
Pic#4 While outdoors can be a scary place for some, the fear of harm, animals, diseases can stop some parents from letting their children be more active outdoors. Not realizing they put them in more harm when they stay in doors whether it's doing nothing, on the TV, cell phone, meanwhile being outdoors gives them better motor development skills. Outdoors has the benefit of receiving vitamin D from the sun even if you're just sitting outdoors or doing absolutely anything while the sun is out.
Pic#5 Not only can being outdoors help anyone be more active, it can also teach them about the different things nature can teach you. You can learn about animals, insects, and trees. You can incorporate learning about the different benefits trees have while also finding out about the things trees carry to benefit them and the different plants around them. Learning about the benefits of mushrooms, how through mycelium, mushrooms help other plants share nutrients and communicate through chemical signs.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) gshupe (5) Serenae

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