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Energy drinks have taken over, over the years. Some people drink them for energy, and alertness and some use them to mix alcohol.
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Energy drinks can take you just over the midday blues or after the large lunch. You can also mix energy drinks with alcohol to give you that extra hour to make it through a long night. It will feel like a smack in the face and wake you up giving you the energy you need. Consumption of energy has increased dramatically in the last several decades.
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They have even made energy drinks healthier some examples are Celsius, zevia zero calorie energy, and many more. Energy drinks are consumed by athletes for many purposes, such as the stimulant caffeine, which is frequently found in energy drinks, and can help with alertness and attention. These beverages can help athletes stay mentally focused throughout practice or competition, particularly if they are tired. These drinks could help a competitor pass the finish line.
On the other hand, Elevated sugar and caffeine intake can lead to symptoms such as agitation, nervousness, insomnia, and severe nausea that may necessitate hospitalization. When alcohol and energy drinks are combined, there is a potential risk that the person may not realize how drunk they are and try to drive or consume excessive amounts of alcohol. It may even be fatal.
In conclusion, energy drinks have their pros and cons. It will either keep you rolling through life or may cause some damage. It also depends on who you ask.

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