Five Card Story: The Girl Who Faked Disappearing

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a Five Card Flickr story by Juanga, Lim, Maalihan, Mariveles, Matillano created May 10 2024, 03:02:43 pm. Create a new one!

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Mondays were a day Lila hated. The truth is, she hated most days. There was laughing in the Riverside College corridors, but it was never hers. Lila was always the object of insults and wicked hits from Sarah and her friends. It had to end.

Lila came up with a desperate plan one Friday. She packed a little a bag and wrote a note on her bed ,one that was not so direct as to cause suspicion. She slid out the window and vanished into the chilly night, with her heart pounding.
The closest abandoned building Lila knew was an old, ramshackle observatory on the outskirts of town. It was dusty and cobwebbed, but for Lila, it was a fortress. Days turned into a nervous routine – scavenging for food, reading books salvaged from the library, and sleeping fitfully under a threadbare blanket.

One day, a hoarse voice startled her. A tall man with kind eyes stood at the base of the observatory ladder, his brow furrowed with concern. He introduced himself as Mr. Hernandez, the caretaker. Lila, fearing discovery, retreated further into the shadows. But something in Mr. Hernandez’s gentle demeanor calmed her.

He didn't dare to ask questions. He simply offered food and a listening ear. Lila poured out her story, the constant sting of bullying raw in her voice. Mr. Hernandez, a former teacher himself, understood all too well. He didn't judge, but instead, shared stories of his own youth, of overcoming adversity and finding strength in unexpected places.

Days turned into weeks, and Lila felt a shift within herself. Mr. Hernandez's visits became a lifeline, offering comfort and a sense of safety. He taught her about the stars, their constellations whispering stories of resilience and hope. Looking up at the vast night sky, Lila felt a spark rekindle within her.

One evening, Mr. Hernandez arrived with news. He'd anonymously contacted Lila's school counselor, detailing her bullying experience. Together, they'd orchestrated a plan. Lila could return, not as a victim, but as someone who had faced her fears and found her way back.

The reunion with her worried parents was tearful. At school, the whispers followed her at first. But Lila held her head high. The experience had changed her. She wouldn't be afraid to speak up, to reach out for help. Mr. Hernandez, now a confidante, watched with pride from the sidelines. The girl who had disappeared had emerged stronger, her spirit like a newly formed constellation, shining brighter than the taunts that once dimmed her light.

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