Five Card Story: Can't take the horse out of horsepower

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a Five Card Flickr story by Jon Roberts created Jun 15 2024, 01:20:25 pm. Create a new one!

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Samuel was born in the countryside of Pennsylvania where horses ran the show for some time, but things seem to be changing and Samuel don't like that one bit. He's staring down his one competition, the car that took his main responsibility of driving around the Pinkerton's from their house to other social gatherings. This left a bad taste in his mouth, the taste a horse might have when their owner teases them with a sugar cube, and eats it themselves. He told his llama friend, Larry, that it was time to take things into his own hands. While the Pinkertons were sleeping he took a page from the O'leary's cow in Chicago and went to the garage where the car laid quiet and kicked over a candle. The garage ingnited in flames and soon the car went up in flames. Samuel could not have been more proud until the Pinkertons woke up. Extreme worry set in and he knew he needed to do something to cover his tracks, but there wasn't much time. He went back to the pen and opened the door. He knew llamas weren't the smartest, and Larry definitely fit that mold. Larry, not thinking about anything but freedom ran straight towards the fire. When the Pinkertons arrived, they found ol'Larry, the burnt car, and burning garage. To the Pinkertons the investigation was over and Larry was made into a Llama jacket. Samuel ended up alive and well, Success!, he though to himself. Sure enough the Pinkertons hooked Samuel up to the carriage the next day and rode him into town. He couldn't have been more proud of himself. Sad for Larry, happy for his life getting back to normal. Samuel looks up ahead as they arrive at their destination. First stop in town, Jerry's car dealership.

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