Five Card Story: Childhood Reflection

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I grew up in a one-stoplight country town, where the biggest traffic jams were caused by church letting out on Sundays or the local parades down Main Street. My childhood was spent on our family farm, where quiet days were the norm. Summers and evenings were filled with outdoor adventures, free from the noisy intrusion of technology and the constant concern of being contactable. Some of my fondest memories are of those tranquil moments in nature—searching for four-leaf clovers, watching butterflies glide seamlessly through the air, and observing the wind gently move the fields of hay.

Despite the peace and simplicity of my childhood, I was eager to leave for college in Richmond: the allure of the city’s noise, busy streets, bright lights, and “skyscrapers”. Now, having lived in the city for as long as I lived in my small town, I find myself looking back with a sense of nostalgia. The fast-paced city life can be tiresome, and sometimes I reflect on the simplicity of my childhood. I miss the quiet of nature, the peace of the farm, and the slower pace of life.

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