Five Card Story: Autumn Memories

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As I stared outside my window, I saw the grass covered with dead leaves from the tree my grandmother and I planted as a child. My dog, Toby, sat at the door, staring at the tree as usual. After checking on Toby, I went to load the washer. A few minutes later, Toby’s barking caught my attention, making me return to the door. When I checked on him, I noticed our new neighbors placed a random drawing of a face with scary teeth in their window. From the moment they moved in, I started getting the creeps.

The face seemed to stare back at me, making me feel uneasy. As I stared, my other neighbor, Mike, pulled up in his bright red Ford Focus. He yelled out, hey, Victoria! We stopped to chat for a while, and he asked what I was looking at. I pointed to the neighbor's window, and Mike expressed he did not like their vibe. I laughed and said, “Me too.” Mike went home, and I brought Toby back inside.

As the sun began to set, I stared back outside. The neighbors had taken the picture down, and I felt some relief. I took a moment to stare at the tree I planted with my grandmother before going inside. There were a few golden leaves left. I thought about all our fond memories of playing in the yard as children. I went inside to have a cup of tea and go to sleep.

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