Five Card Story: Because of my crazy teacher

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a Five Card Flickr story by Gloria Kim created May 27 2009, 04:38:12 pm. Create a new one!

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My teacher is crazy. She writes on the board with every color in the world and I think that's crazy. So I couldn't stand it anymore and flew to some country that spoke gibberish.I stayed there for a while and decided to live there. one day, I ran out of toilet paper so I went out for the first time to buy something. Of course I coudn't speak gibberish so I just went in every store and saw if they had any toilet paper. I went in 10 stores and NO TOILET PAPER!!!! I was starting to get annoyed of no toilet paper. Suddenly, I saw a store that said "Toilet paper on sale"and then some gibberish written after. I went in. i bought what I needed and I was suddenly hungry. I went to this resturaunt. I ordered something that I didn't know. I waited and then the waiter gave me crap. I was furious. So I decided to live in a treehouse forever.

The end

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flickr photo credits: (1) tuchodi (2) D'Arcy Norman (3) cogdogblog (4) cogdogblog (5) bgblogging

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