Five Card Story: This is my life.

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My day starts with rocking out on my drums.Then I went out and bought myself a pair of high quality binoculars.After that I tried to look for the rare dodo bird.Although all I saw was some sort of sparrow.Just then,out of nowhere,a guy comes over and starts screaming into my delicate little ears.I later found out that his name was Howard.I swear they almost burst!From my ears bleeding and my hopes lost,I didn't think that day could get any worse.I was very wrong.After he sprayed his dry throat with throat spray,he got his miniature ponies to attack me!They attack me left and right!Nonstop,I get bombarded with horse breath.Their breath smelled like a mixture between eggs that were left in the sun and and stinky trash water.That was the end of me,I fainted and I did not get up.

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