Five Card Story: little boy growing up.

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When I was little boy I LOVED to watch Steve Erwin. I tried so hard to be like him, I even have Steve Erwin P.J.s. I would wrestle my teddy bears and my 50foot rubber snake all the time when I was little. When I was about 15 I would still watch his show. But instead of wrestleing my stuffed animals I will run down my street and pretend I was him signing autographs. I'd come home with a bag full of fake autographs, and of corse my mom would ask "Jonny what are you doing?"
I'd answered back "nothing just picking up trash." Now I'm married and have a son who loves Steve as much as I do. My son and I will take walks on the beach and to this day pretend to sign autographs.

P.S. Don't tell anybody I still wrestle my animals, autographs, and wear my P.J.s. That's our secret. :)

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