Five Card Story: The bubble of Joy

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Jenna, Mike and Roweena were friends who lived in the same neighbourhood in rural Utah. Jenna was a bird watcher and always clicked wonderful pictures of birds. Mike worked on a farm and worked hard in teh fields. Roweena was a writer. She wrote books about flowers. Mike and Jenna each had a dog Wendy and Peter. They were friends too. They kept the neighbourhood safe and all the kids on the block adored them.

Jenna. Mike and Roweena once were in the country taking a walk and they noticed something amazing. They saw a big bubble falling from the sky. It looked more like a ball. They were so fascinated by it they called the whole neighbourhood to see it. Their town become a popular overnight. To see the bubble you can visit Utah. Stop at Jenna, Mike and Roweena home and say hi to them.

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