Five Card Story: Bubbles, Flowers and Cat Girl....Oh My!

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Like all mischievious kitties, Cat Girl aka Emily was used to having objects thrown at her because of her loud meowing and public baths. Inspired by her pet hampster Z, Emily decided to put herself in a giant bubble ball, however, one can see the problem with this when going to public events - no vents, constant spinning...gross!

Tired of being harassed Emily decided to retreat to a meadow of white flowers where she could do many kitty-like things. One day while running and meowing, on all fours of course, through a meadow of white flowers, Cat Girl decided to head over to the aquarium. Like all kitties, she loves to watch fish go by. She even planned on shark hunting! After all, Cat Girl does need to eat! (Although most would venture to give actual cats tuna from a can, the thought of giving tuna to Cat Girl, just seems certifiable.) While at the aquarium, Emily befriended a boy named Michael who enjoyed the shark tanks.

Michael wasn't afraid of Emily because like her, Michael loved cats. In fact, like Emily, Michael could speak cat.

M: Meow meow meow meeeeoooooww! (wow did you see that shark?)
E: Meow! Me? (Really! Where?)
M: Ow! (There)
E: Eoooow! (Awesome!)
M: Meeoow. (Let's get it.)
E: M. (ok)

So Emily and Michael ventured into the tank, however, once in the tank, Emily realized that she hated water and jumped right out! Michael felt bad and got her sea flowers, which quickly died, because well, they need the water! She was so touched by the gesture that she picked him beautiful white flowers from her meadow!

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flickr photo credits: (1) lesliemb (2) IKnowHowToWhistle (3) draggin (4) D'Arcy Norman (5) lesliemb

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