Five Card Story: Bad food

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a Five Card Flickr story by Dani created Oct 21 2009, 01:32:27 pm. Create a new one!

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I woke up to find that all streets outside were covered with snow. That snowstorm last night really did its job right, and just when I didn't need it because I was going to have to rush from going to class and after it to the airport to catch my flight to Germany to attend a conference! I had a feeling that the day was going to be not exactly what I like to experience...
I got to hour late...because of the beautiful new snowy pavement on the streets, and boy, even being late, that class was long and Mr. Hingley would not stop emphasizing on the importance of poetry in our lives, which I agreed to, but really could not listen to at that moment because I had already left home without breakfast. Food is everything, no food in the morning and my day goes bad.
So I finally leave Mr. Hingley's class and rush to the airport...I didn't miss my flight, thank goodness, but I had to sit next to a not very normal dude who kept on making faces all the time and wanted me to take pictures of his funny faces...I don't know if he was just bored, or if he was anxious, probably afraid of flying. I had to fall asleep to avoid any extra eye contact with that guy or he'd go on and on and I really just needed to get to Germany for my conference!!!
The flight from Romania to Germany took about 4 hours and when I finally got there I found a lovely fast food restaurant at the airport and went straight to the frankfurters... :) My first meal of the day!! That airplane meal was bad, just when I did NOT need it to be bad! I eat airplane food with joy, but just today it didn't taste good at I gave it to the dude next to me and went straight to sleep.
And right after having food... it suddenly was a beautiful day ... where the flowers blossom and the sun shines bright... :)

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flickr photo credits: (1) katerha (2) Rachel Smith (3) krutscjo (4) Choconancy1 (5) lnboz

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