Five Card Story: Jerome's Awesome Adventure

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It was an early Monday morning and Jerome did not want to go to school. He had a case of the Monday blues. He thought that perhaps taking the long path through the woods would help clear his head so that he was ready and eager to learn. He really loved going to Teepee Creek School and didn't want to disappoint his teachers, especially Mr. Kimble. He figured that teaching junior high must be a tough job, and he appreciated his patience.

As Jerome strolled peacefully through the woods he was suddenly blinded by a shining light. He shaded his eyes and tried to find the source of the light. He saw an ornate magical hat. He loved how regal it looked so he decided to put it on his head.

With the hat on his head he felt like he was an African King. As he thought about ruling over the African grasslands he was suddenly whisked away to Africa and found himself face to face with a lion! Wow! This hat has magical powers! It can take me to wherever I think!

Jerome then noticed the time and exclaimed, "Oh no! I'm going to miss the morning walk! I wish I was at Teepee Creek School!" Magically the hat transported to him to Teepee Creek.

Jerome was back at school and ready to learn however as he was about to enter the doors he noticed a rather strange pair of sunglasses. Jerome pondered....hmmmmm I wonder what will happen if I put these glasses on? And then the next adventure began......

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